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Any one else fishing?

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Back down to the Current Wednesday at Tan Vat. There were two cars in the lot and as I was arming myself another pulled in. I headed down stream, he headed up. I started with the Flying ant pattern as my supply of beetles is low. I went fishless for about four cast. and had a smaller trout take it. as I moved down stream I picked up a couple of smaller fish. I then went to a hopper as the sun was up and there was a little breeze. As I got to the head of a run I caught a decent 12-inch trout and then a 15-inch, another fish in the 14-inch, and a fish in the 12-inch range took the fly fought him in and then he broke off. That was in the same spot at the head of the run. After that, I moved downstream but it just seemed to stay shallow. I cast to the deeper spots but with the sun beating straight down the fishing seemed to slow way down. I headed back up to the parking area and two other fishermen were coming down.They were hunting for big browns and had one sighted. I continued upstream and managed to catch several more on some different flys. A red Humpy that has been in my fly box since a trip to Yellowstone in the early eighties was responsible for a 17 to eighteen-inch fish. This is the biggest trout I have taken on a fly. Caught another of 16 inches as well. I didn't catch the quantities of fish I had been catching, but overall these fish were more quality and I enjoyed having to think about setting up the cast and trying to pick pockets. It was a fun outing. 


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