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Old plug

when it get this slow hmmmmm maybe

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9 hours ago, Old plug said:

You might want to tie something like this on your line and tangle with a tackle buster


Gar are easy to find and when they get up around 4ft. They will give you some fine thrills


I have always wanted to fish with those baits. I have never made any. They look like a tangle for the toothy fish!

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it is nothing more than a piece of nylon rope doubled overand tyed off at the head woth stiff  to form a small loop where you can toe you line. I put a steel leader about 6-8 inches long on the front then you just unravel the nylon till its like one of these. You will need to male yourself a few because you cannot get most of it out of the gars teeth. Be careful handleing gar over  36" they can really thrash around in the boat. They also have a row of teeth that stck out diagonally to the rgular row in the mouth. Those things can really stick you. Had one onetime thrash me in a heavy pair of pants and it actually was just stuck to the jeans and was hanging there on those side teeth. 

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