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Blues baby!!!

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Took the boys to my favorite lake. Grew up going just to boat, tube and swim. Now my main objectives are keeping the boys happy (4-wheelers, tubing, fire, etc) and blue catfish. 

I take the boys on a blue trip every summer. We always catch fish, but this year the weather played out amazing. We showed up this past Saturday when the storm hit and made the lake turn to an ocean. It was fun to watch, but not much fishing. 

In the morning it was game on. We saw the water was way up and that meant the water would be dropping all day and into Sunday night. We caught some baitfish and set the hooks. The boys were excited when Monday morning rolled around.

The first hook we checked was the 30 pounder (40 inches). Should have seen the look on my 9 year olds face when he was hand lining the fish in. After letting that fish go, we went out to check our other lines. 

We wanted to keep a few just under the slot, but the fish were either slot fish or over. Just crazy. 

Threw all but one fish back. 

Biggest 3 were 18#, 22# and 30#. 

The boys had a blast!





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I am a old trot liner myself. I know the thrill of picking up that line and feeling a heavy fish on there. But you should try to catch some with a rod and reel on a spoon sometime.  That certainly can be thrilling. I used to do that a in late summer and fall when I could find them under schools of feeding white bass. Have caught some big ones doing that up to just under 50 lbs


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Funny you mention spoons ... I've been obsessed with spoon fishing this summer from Bull Shoals to the Gulf of Mexico. 

I agree rod and reel is best, but we will always have one setline trip just for the memories and the fact that we do so many other activities at the lake. Nothing like "fishing" and riding a 4-wheeler or golfcart at the same time!

If anyone had questions about how to set the lines, PM me. I have a special way I do it and it really works for me. 

Check out our best spoon trip this summer. Bull shoals (pothole) in June after all the rain this spring. 

All were caught using a 7' bionic blade bass rod with a pflueger president. The spoonbill gave my 9 year old all he could handle ... I helped in the end once it got in the current. 




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PS - we threw everything back except the walleye. Want to make sure people don't think I poached. The walleye was 20".

Hope all of you on the water this weekend stay safe and catch a bunch. 

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