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Not a Table Rock report

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I understand the confusion you all thought I was using the "Ned".....I am using the D*Ned...something completely different.....or is it? 

OK - Not a Table Rock report #2...got up early and wanted to get away from the no wake lakes...headed to Branched Oak...a 3k+ acre lake just west of here.....open to all motor size and no speed restrictions....good and bad...

Beautiful morning...air temp mid 60's / water temp 75....sun coming up and water like glass - start idling away from the dock - just turned my hat backwards getting ready to drop the hammer and have the world pass by like the Start Trek Enterprise headed to Klingon country.....beeeeeeeppppppppp....WTH!

That sound made me jump a bit ...couple of minutes later...beeeeeepppppp....are you kidding me! Figure what the heck so I idle to my first spot.....much fishing throwing many promising looking baits....to no avail....then I caught one worthy of MLF on the D*Ned (Major Little Fish)  

When the time was right call the Merc guy - "bring it in"...so I troll motor back to the dock....casting a Rick Clunn 1.5 square bill along the rocks....BAM! I thought I had a Hawg / swamp donkey / big mama...until it felt like I was bringing up a tree...yep you guessed it.....YUCK! 

It was a good 18-20# fish.....slimed the heck out of the carpet....

On to the next adventure!



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c4f, I hope the beeeep is nothing serious. 


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 Thanks Mike - I called them today and they have not had a chance to look at it yet! I think it is a water pump or a bad thermostat - I would fix it myself except it is under warrenty


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