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Another Adventure by the BilletHead's UTAH!

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8 minutes ago, Ham said:

What you should envision is me finding a way to get to the middle of the lake where the fish were. #FindaWay

   Love it buddy! Your fingers twitching and Pat and I had drool running out the corners of our mouths figuring out how to reach the fish. I don't even think your nanofil WITH a casting bubble would reach those fish in the middle. # Walk On Water,


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9 minutes ago, Flysmallie said:

Where were the yaks?

       In the kayak koffin safely at home. I would of pooped myself dragging that trailer all over Boulder Mountain. We did mention they would be nice to have. We did see guys in float tubes on some of the lower lakes. We were so close a couple weeks before we went looking at a couple at Cabelas on sale. Mrs. BilletHead gave to OK to invest in them. I put the brakes on it real quick saying  you know we have never been in anything like this before. She replied I don't want to hear anything while we are gone about not getting them. Well I had to bite my tongue a few times. She always tells me never say could of, should of, would of :) .


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   Now to the most beautiful fish in my opinion of the trip,

    Remember me telling you we would revisit the Colorado Cutt again on the trip? Well when working down from Boulder Mountain that ran alomg the road we were on. A little creek called Pine Creek that runs towards Bicknell. It has genetically pure Colorado's. Another small water overgrown stream. Another challenge we thought! Challenge taken we rigged up, again with the same two flies we had caught the three other species on. Not including the first ugly lake Colorado's. Ready for this? I will let the photos tell this story. You don't want me blabbing and ruining what we will see here :) ,


















   We couldn't of been more happy. All of our native Cutthroat caught on the same two bugs. I got to find and take a  picture of them for you all. That is if Pat remembers where she put them. She was in charge of that.

  Next you ask? Yes there is more to share. Getting tired yet? Too bad more coming,



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BH - Still like one or two of the tigers. The cuts on these fish were really vibrant. They are definitely a 1B with that first tiger as 1A on my list of favorites:)! I wonder if you could cast well enough while treading water? That bolete was huge!

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