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Another Adventure by the BilletHead's UTAH!

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   Ok if you all promise to laugh we are going to go retro!    So  we will do some photos from 25 years ago from Jones Hole. Remember you agreed to not bust a gut laughing :) . I will start by a link to Petroglyphs and Pictrographs  in Dinosaur National Monument, https://www.nps.gov/dino/learn/historyculture/viewing-petroglyphs-and-pictographs.htm

   I am thinking because of loosing pigment someone has changed the horned figure we seen carved into the rock from this trip report. From a pictrograph to a petroglyph. Here I am from 25 years ago when the horned figure was pigment. My photos are faded and crappy I know,

Jones hole 1 001 - Copy.jpg

Another one and so many are now gone forever except for photos taken way back. The one I have in this picture is in the link above,

Jones Hole 1 002 - Copy.jpg

  Now to old memories from that time,

Jones Hole 1 003 - Copy.jpg

   Ely falls where we cooled of in my post from this trip except this is from 25 years in the past.

Jones Hole 1 004 - Copy.jpg

    The BilletHead bride,

Jones Hole 1 005 - Copy.jpg

  The BilletHead's eating lunch, may of been tuna back then too. BilletHead Jr. was on the back end of the camera. We did get some pictures of him too but here in Jones Hole he stayed pretty hidden. Mostly looking for critters, playing in the water or dirt,

Jones Hole 1 006 - Copy.jpg 

      Pretty amazing. I think I may still have those canvas wading shoes somewhere. All right you all wipe those grins off of your faces. 

 Memories were being made back then. I discussed with BilletHead Jr. about this and if he remembered all this. Yep he said. Guess a guy should scan all the old pictures he has and transfer to a memory stick and lock in a safety deposit box before pictures like this are gone. Everyone needs a laugh now and again except you guys,




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No laughing here BH! Thanks for sharing these photos as well. It is a shame that sites like that cannot get adequate protection. Like many other guys I've enjoyed your trip report. I hope that you two continue to have many more of these trips together. Thanks for taking us along.

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