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Any luck up the Glaize Arm?

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Y'all mess me up with that "14mm of the Glaize"  crap.     That idiocracy was started by real estate agents back in the late '90's and has now become so common that nobody knows how to properly describe locations anymore.

What you really mean is the 33mm on the Glaize arm.   Mile marks are meant to indicate MILES FROM THE DAM regardless of which arm of the lake you are on.   Each arm of the lake IS NOT its own lake, and shouldn't be considered as such when speaking about navigation or directions.  

When you do it the Real Estate Agent way then once you leave a tributary arm you have no idea where the hell you are.....unless you know the REAL rules of navigation and are already familiar with which mile marker the tributary mouths are all at.

Make sense? 

This is why people are running around watching their mapping screen instead of watching where the hell they are going, and running into breakwaters, bouys, the shoreline, and other boats.

The 14mm is Lodge of 4 Seasons, and nowhere else....unless you're a Real Estate agent.

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