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Creek Levels

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On 8/24/2017 at 8:10 AM, bigredbirdfan said:

Can anyone tell me what minimum flows and gage heights are on the beaver at bradleyville and possibly desirable levels?

My recently verified notes say, 3.3 gauge ht. 100.3 CFS is the min for low drag Brown Branch to 125 or bridge on Sam Day road so Al's rule of thumb of 100 cfs rules again. Today at 2.7 and 57.4 cfs would be a good wade trip or exercise if you take a canoe

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I haven't floated from brown branch to Bradleyville yet this year, but the flooding earlier this year has widened the channel a bit from Rome to BB.  We were dragging in some places we never had to at 100 plus CFS.

You might want to give Barry at Beaver creek canoe a call.  

Just read Griz's post and he's right at 57 CFS your boat would be there to float your gear only.

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