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Operation Clean Stream

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Well today 8-26-17 was something like the fiftieth Operation Clean Stream.  An attempt is made to clean up the entire Meramec River watershed.  I have been able to participate with Missouri Smallmouth Alliance several times.  We have always done the Bourbeuse River and were on the upper river this year.  This year we had, I think, 15 participants some coming from as far as southern Illinois and a group from Columbia,  MO.  It was a great group and everyone had a good time.  I have included a picture of my truck loaded and ready to go.

All the trash was hauled to the Beaufort Lions Club where volunteers helped unload the trash and load it into dump trucks and containers.  I think there were four dump trucks of tires.  The Lions Club serves a tremendous meal for all involved.  I would guess there were about two hundred people at the meal.  

Fishing was great with many small fish caught and a few not so small.  The weather could not have been better. 

This is an absolutely great event and I would like to encourage everyone to join in.  Several of our volunteers this year were not MSA members.  We would welcome anyone.  There are other avenues to participate and it is a great chance to have fun while doing good.  This event is organized by The Open Space Council and is held in late August every year.  Folks it just does not get any better when it comes to citizen involvement, this is a cause we can all appreciate.




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