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Missouri Botanical Garden

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Stayed overnight in Illinois on Saturday and went with my daughter and good friend to the Missouri Botanical Gardens on Sunday. I always enjoy walking the grounds and looking at the different garden styles, landscapes, and planting displays. Some of my favorites are the water lilies, the tropcials and desert plants, and the Japanese gardens. Here are some of the photos from the day.

Monet's Waterliliy paintings are some of my favorites that adore our home. So naturally I target the waterlilies.



We have several orchids at home and always enjoy seeing the more obscure ones like these:


You never know what you are going to find in the gardens.


This is a fishing forum and I am a multispecies nut, but I did not take any photos of the giant Koi in the Japanese gardens or the cichlids in the tropical garden. Today's trip was all about friendship and the plants.

I have a slight knack for gardening and bonsai, but the item that I have cultivated over the years that makes me the most proud is the following:


We had a great day. We will be back there again this Saturday for their annual Japanese festival.

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My favorite place in St. Louis! Had an internship their back in high school. The first pic is my favorite, but those orchids are pretty awesome. Grateful my family took me there as a kid, and I'm sure your daughter will feel the same one day.

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i spent several years of my youth living at 3825 botanical. Just a few blocks  from Shaws Garden. I do not know  how many times I have  been thrown out of there for fishing. Back in those times there was a nice lake in the back area of the gardens . We fished there regularly. Also used to fish for crawfish for bait in those ponds puctured in posted here. . I returned there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I believe it was the first time I took the time to stop and smell the flowers so to speak. I went way in back of the compound  to see if the damaged Chain link fence was still there. IT WAS!  We bent a hole in the fence at the bottom to sneak in. They would throw us out the front and we would cone in the back. OH SUCH FUN!!! If that was today we would have been sent to reform schol with a criminal record. 

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