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Rough fish removal a good thing? NOT SO FAST

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This is from Crooked Creek. Again on a Zig Jig. I saw them tailing, but was blind casting the general area. 

Now one of both of these might not be true 20 lbers. I can't judge fish that large.

i caught a true giant in Bull Shoals in a mid lake Cove. No pics though. It was massive. 

I caught it on a 4 inch grub. I saw the fish ease one and smoke the grub in about 20 foot of water. I hoped it was a huge Smallie, but after the first long run past the boat out to deeper water, I knew it was not a Bass. No bass does that. 

The Bull Shoals boat dock is over run with them. Fishing is forbidden within "x number" of feet of a commercial dock. All sizes. 


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Both fish look like low-mid doubles bigger than the 8# avg our ozark lakes seem to produce

I think some record fish are in the white river chain of lakes, a 20# is a quality fish, my biggest a 36-9#.....Tablerock I think has state record fish, but with the big Bfing tourneys targeting the biggest 20 fish...we will see more small fish...once at Stockton caught a nice carp smallie fishing though for sure it was a wall hanger, I was sadly disappointed it was not the 8# smallie of my dreams....well before my getting into carping

This fish below was just at 20# to give you some scale...that fish was caught on a warm early October day



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