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Myrtle Access and Fishing Report

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Made my annual trip down this past weekend for some floating, fishing, BSing with friends and as usual we had a great time.  We launched our canoes from the Myrtle access Saturday and the bottom half of the ramp is completely gone. The concrete goes down a little ways then becomes mud/gravel and drops down in to a hole that must be a good 12 feet deep. We had no issues launching but I could see a jet boat trailer having problems. Also, the area around the little picnic bench is all washed out too. Certain portions of the river  are rather different this year, with certain productive holes being gone completely. I wish I'd brought my phone on the water to get some good pics


As far as fishing goes, I did pretty good landing about 40 smallies, but only 4 were over 15 inches. Most fish were on a pumpkin colored plastics with only a couple coming on topwater, and none on spinners or swimmers. No goggle eye this year which was a bit of a surprise. 

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My standard 11 Point float has been Greer to Myrtle.  Thanks for the update on this access.  

Great to know you are finding the bronzebacks.  We have also caught a few walleyes in that section on spinners drug very slow, but pound-for-pound the smallmouth are my favorites.

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