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So the saga continues between my favorite popper and the Muskies...   Yesterday i went and replaced the popper the muskie took from me earlier this week.   However, i had a beast of a muskie take the dang same popper from me today.   This time when he turned to go away from me the line cut like butter, was short and sweet.  The muskie was at least as big as the one above, seemed a good 10 lbs bigger from the size of the tail.  Good news is, before he could take my favorite popper, I caught 13 of my 16 total today on it.  Here are a few pics of the decent ones.  

Started day of with this 5.5lb



Next one was this guy at 3lb


 Then this 4.5lbr



Then next cast, same spot i caught the best of the day at 6.0lbs


Last decent one of the day at 4.2lbs


I caught 6 around this 2lb size


Then 5 guys under 1.5lbs

Again, caught 13 on popper and 3 on a spook.  As you can imagine, i went right to the store and got another of my favorite popper, x 3 this time....

Lastly, i did hook up with something on the spook.  I thought it was a bass by the bite, but if it was, it was 7-10lbs.  Took me in the moss.   I slowly pulled in about 300lbs of moss only to find no fish and my new hooks on my spook looking like so:



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On 9/9/2017 at 1:42 PM, fishinwrench said:

If I'm gonna chase Muskie then I wanna chase them where they are at their best, not somewhere they are barely surviving and a few dipshit biologists decided to throw them in there anyway.  

That's just me though.  😁

Is that because your fisheries biology degree and training are so much more effective than "a few dipshit biologists?"  Heaven forbid those "dipshits" provide anglers with an opportunity to fish muskies this far south.  Lord knows there are no other places to fish bass, catfish, and crappie...

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No, Sport.   It's because if I want to chase Muskie then I want to chase REAL ONES in their REAL habitat.   

Heaven forbid any place in the country be special in regards to its native fish species!  Ya wanna go tarpon fishing in my goldfish pond?  I'm sure it can be arranged if you'll vote YES for the funding. 

Want me to bait a grizzly bear for you too? No biology degree needed, just a bit of cash from the taxpayers.

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