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Results - Crappie Slayers 09/09/17

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Crappie Slayers Tournament Series

September 9th, 2017

Lake Pomme De Terre

Weigh 7 Crappie


1.  Wilson/Wilson 7.27

2. Bacon/Bacon/ Runyon  6.93

3. Hall/Ray  4.79

4. Brownfield/Mike 4.71

5. Logan/Anderson 4.63

6. Wilson/Presley 4.54

7. Sprague/Matthews 4.14

8. Wilson/Minica 4.13

9. Shockley/Richardson/Thomas 3.74

10. Akin/Campbell  3.66

11. Goodman  2.06



Wilson/Wilson 1.38


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lol been waiting for this so I can print it and put it up on the wall at the shop for Kenny to stare at every day :lol:

how are the yearly point standings? want to know if dad and kenny are still ahead of us or not.

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Looks like them Wilson boys are still catching them. Been a while since I seen some of the Crappie Slayers series guys. I need to try and get to Pomme and fish a couple of these to see everyone again. 

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