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Well, i would like to say that i got to my stand at 5:00am, walked the 1/2 mile back to my stand, but that isnt the case. I was running a tad late, so i pulled thru the gate and parked in the barn, 60 yards from my stand. At 6:34 the first set of 6 does came in. Within 30 minutes i had 17 does and 1 small bucks under my stand and out to 50 yards. I snapped about 40 puctures of them while playing. Had 4 more come thru about 8:30. Due to my daughter getting married later that day, i let the critters walk or i would be the one getting skinned if i was late to pictures, etc. because i was tending to a dead deer.  It was great to get out. Beautiful morning also.  




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I spent the better part of 2 hours last night looking at deer on cards i pulled the other day. One thing is for sure, there is not a lack of old nannies, young moms, or babies on this property. Filling the freezer will be an easy task. My thoughts with the cool temps coming this week is to focus on antler size "i know cant eat horns" but knowing that it means more to me for my wife to make the memories of harvesting meat, that leaves me with the ability to be selective.  This farm "264 acres" has very minimal pressure around it, and hasnt been hunted in years. Good friends bought it 3 years ago and have asked me every year to come hunt it "they arent hunters but like the meat" so this year i set cameras, stands, did the ground work, and now its the enjoyment of sitting in the stand just watching and taking pictures. Love this picture. Looks like a 2 headed deer the way their bodies lined up. 


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