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THE SKY IS FALLING? invasive species run amuck!

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Not a big fan of the big head & silver "Asian Carp" seems in waters where they thrive common carp size suffer, but found this interesting

"PEORIA, Ill. — Despite habitat losses and an Asian carp invasion, the Illinois River is experiencing a resurgence in bass fishing"

An abundance of small Asian carp following a large spawning event in 2014 has also provided some extra forage for sportfish. A recent diet study of 1,500 predatory fish on the Illinois River conducted by Western Illinois University revealed Asian carp were found in the stomachs of largemouth bass and other gamefish. However, Hilsabeth said he doubts the bass population resurgence was influenced by bass feeding heavily on Asian carp."     

full article here  https://www.bassmaster.com/…/bass-fishing-rebounding-illino…




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I find it interesting that the fishing was pretty good until in that watershed and I quote

"After the Illinois River hosted three Bassmaster SuperStars events (1993-95), its bass fishery steadily declined."

I am sure common carp were there and have been since 1877...grass carp at least 20 years....

Hypothesizing...I would  surmise the publicity brought extra  harvest pressure this is why the fishing has declined...

classic historical scenarios repeated.....fisheries decline because of over harvest and habitat degradation.

from what my research is showing there is a major problem with traditional game/food fishes ending up for sale in places like Chicago...we have those issues with spoonbill here in Missouri, and I understand there is a legal market for Largemouth in Chicago Asian Markets....Below Truman dam in Missouri there was several catfish operations funneling the big blue cats to fish markets in Kansas City, one fishing team converted a school bus to a camper complete with 2 full sized chest freezers run by a generator..

I pointed it out to a CO who had checked my permit, I asked him why they didn't do something about it? he looked puzzled...I explained; blues avg about 25# at that time, each fisherman could limit out and freeze his catch and get another limit before they broke any regs...he said he had checked them and they were legal..I said yes today the are.. ..but they have been here for at least 3 or four days this week, I was fishing and watched them limit out everyday...I don't know about you but, if you ate a pound of catfish a day..every day..you couldn't eat it all..they were set up to sell catfish to KC fish markets ....

.and they have decimated the fishery below Truman dam have not seen a string of 70# in over 20 years now......regs have been changed, ..but because of harvest the fishery isn't what it once was..same story different place...

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