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BUSTED! people will keep the smallest fish -_-

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2 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

I break the law everytime I leave my driveway.  That being said, which one of you should I call if I need to be bailed?  I think I only get one phone call and I prolly should tattoo the number on place I can still see while cuffed.

866-494-1993. The gentleman on the phone always answers and generally has what you need :excl:

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Ok, the second video the officer said the guys were wasting the resource cause the fishing was good. Does anyone think that those fish he tossed in the bed of his truck on a nice sunny day are going to be eaten??? At least the guys that caught them were going to eat them. I am ok if you ticket them, take pictures of the multiple fish for evidence and then leave the guys with the fish so they don't waste the fish. That office should be charged with  wanton waste of a game fish. Is he going to keep them and haul them into court to show the judge, At that point he has just 2 fish, the other fish, what other fish, I was well within my limit, that office took my only 2 fish, no pictures no proof. I think a good lawyer could argue and win.   

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