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Dylan Cluver

Big girl gets caught again

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Fished my heart out for this one, after looking at the pics, she was caught earlier this week by a guides client. I taped her at 32". I would like to say thank you to the old timers who have passed down a lot of hard earned wisdom to me and my friends in the parking lot and at the pavilion. This fish is a true testament to catch and release, and the work of the MDC. Triploid triploid triploid. Thank you  to the guys with the tape and who walked down after I flashed my light and hollered for them!! 



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4 hours ago, Phil Lilley said:

Wonderful. Congrats!!

Phil is there any info on the stocking of these as far as male to female ratio. I think Brett's fish was a female too. These big babes are sweet but I can not wait to see someone catch a big male with a big lower jaw. 

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waahoooo! Great catch and awesome to see a fish being properly caught and released... not only once but two times.


Were you fishing up by the dam last night? I wanted too but was scared off by the water generation. What is typically a safe generation to fish up there at night? I rarely wade up to my waist in the dark to begin with, especially when I'm by myself and nobody else is in sight.

According to the USACE app, they've been running 2500 CFS pretty much every night for 6 days now. 

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