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Old VS Young

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Scanning the web this time of year, reading posts, comments about deer hunting, and seeing alot of new hunters out there, starts my brain working with sharing knowledge.  

I often see comments posted about guys saying they try to shoot the old nannies in the group because the old girls are smart and bust the hunters to often. Heres where my experience and thoughts come into play. The old mature doe are like old bucks. They got that way from being smart about their born traits. With them being wise to the smells, sounds, changes of their surroundings that we walk into, but yet get busted by, are the reasons they are still alive. An old doe is a wonderful mother. I cant recall how many times in 30 years i have seen on camera pictures or in person an old doe protect her young from other critters, deer, etc. and in the process teach her young whats scary in the world. 

There is nothing better on a property that you hunt, than an old doe. First they are PROVEN good mothers. Most have twins that they raise being aware of their surroundings. Second they are the first to come into heat on your property which brings the bucks. Third they are the ones that keep the young safe in the herd. Watch a group of old and young mons together and you will see the old doe putting the young mothers and babies alike in line. Thats how you sustain a good deer herd on a piece of property, by passing on those old does. If you want meat, shoot the young, unproven does that will be more tender and taste better, and in return, sleep better knowing you left experience with the old nannies in the woods to continue to teach.  

Just how i see the importance of the old does on a farm. 

I posted this picture before, but this is an old nanny. While watching her slowly come in that morning, she was very sure of everything around her, while all of the young mons and babies just came strolling in like there was no danger around. 

Harvest selectlively guys and you will see the herd grow and prosper. 


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Yes they are Quill. If you enjoy venison, those young are hard to beat. My most enjoyment from fishing or hunting comes from being "out there". 95% of the time i coukd care less if i catch a fish or shoot a deer. My heart beats for nature. 

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