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Montauk trout and Micros - 9/23/17

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Livie and I went to Montauk trout park on Saturday. We got a late start, which in most cases is not too bad to still catch a few stockers. Started fishing around 8 am and started at the big pool below the falls. We were seeing a few decent trout, a lot of minnows, suckers, and bunches of small rainbows (<6" in length). We tried a bunch of different small jigs and flies and just weren't getting much response from the local fish. Any fly fishing purists may have to turn away. Since we were planning a microfishing trip after catching some rainbows for home, we had red worms and Livie and I put them on. We started catching a variety of fish on the worms, including a few of the small rainbows.

Livie's first rainbow

Olivia - Rainbow Trout (1) - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPG

One of my rainbows.

Rainbow Trout (1) - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPG

We also caught several different species on the worms.

I caught this striped shine ( a new species for me this year).

Striped Shiner - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPG

Livie and I both caught bleeding shiners that still had some of their breeding coloration.

Olivia Bleeding shiner - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPGBleeding Shiner (2) - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPG

Livie caught a bunch of longear sunfish and of course her favorites, the sculpin.

Olivia - Sculpin (1) - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPGOlivia - Sculpin (4) - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPG

I switched back to jigs and flies to try to get a few table size stockers. Up by the waterfall I had some success using a pink chenille 1/125 oz microjig. Both Livie and I caught more of the young adnf finely parr-marked rainbows. One of the fish that we caught struggled when I released it and it got nailed by a 20+" rainbow. I caught a 12 inch rainbow in the falls pool, but not one like that 20" rainbow.

Olivia - Rainbow Trout (2) - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPGRainbow Trout (2) - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPG

I caught this central stoneroller on a olive crayfish fly, but no trout.

Central Stoneroller - Montauk TP - 23Sep17.JPG

It was a hot day, but the water was running clear. There were several large fish about. We just didn't have what they wanted on this day.

Montauk TP (2) - 23Sep17.JPG

Montauk TP (4) - 23Sep17.JPG




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12 minutes ago, JestersHK said:

Looks like an awesome trip John!  Glad you two were able to make it out.  Did Livie outfish ya again?  It's a good problem to have IMO :P


I caught more trout than she did, that's because she wanted to catch the sculpin :). She caught 16 sculpin to my 5. She also caught a few by hand. So I owe her the handfishing thread that I had promised her.

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