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Akers Microfishing - 9/23/17

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I had planned on fishing around Akers Ferry to try for a few more new species for the 2017 season. I had caught two new species, the central stoneroller and the striped shiner, for 2017 at Montauk earlier in the day, I knew that knobfin sculpin were prevalent in that part of the Current river. Last year I had caught southern redbelly dace in a small creek near the Ferry access. So I was confident that we could catch at least a couple of new species on this trip. Livie caught the first knobfin sculpin of the trip, which was her first of this species. Then I caught one as well.

Olivia - Knobfin Sculpin (3) - Akers Ferry - Current River - 23Sep17.JPGKnobfin Sculpin (3) - Akers Ferry - Current River - 23Sep17.JPG

I would love to say that it was challenging to catch these scuplin, but once we found some they were everywhere. Microfishing to me is not about high numbers, but targeting some new species. We could have caught many more sculpin, but went after darters and minnows instead. Livie caught the first darter, a female rainbow darter.

Olivia - Female rainbow darter - Akers Ferry Current River - 23Sep17.JPG

We switched rods and I caught my first rainbow darter of the year (4th new species on the day; first fish below). I was surprised that the males still had some of their breeding coloration like Livie's male (second fish).

Rainbow Darter - Akers Ferry Current River - 23Sep17.JPGOlivia - Male rainbow darter (1) Akers Ferry  - Current River - 23Sep17.JPG

We were surrounded by a large school of larger minnows. I caught one of these guys, another central stoneroller.

Central Stoneroller Akers Ferry - Current River - 23Sep17.JPG

They frustrated Livie to no end and she just could not get one to bite again. By this time it was getting really hot (possibly up to the mid 90s). After leaving the river, I still wanted to see if we could catch a southern redbelly dace. unfortunately the creek was just a trickle due to the lack of rain this summer. We had a great day. At the end of this trip, I had caught more different sp[ecies than I have ever done is a given year. I also have caught a larger number of fish in a given year than I ever have before. Yet I feel that there are still many species yet to catch and it may be possible that I may catch many more fish yet this year.

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49 minutes ago, stlfisher said:

Those are some great pictures.  Looks like you had a great time!

Thanks! it's a lot of fun! A great way to spend a sunny Saturday.

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