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Round Spring to Two Rivers

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Had a great float and camp last weekend.  The folks at Two Rivers are very nice. 

It's been a long time since I've floated below Round Spring.  This stretch has great scenery and a ton of great campsites throughout.  The paddling is super easy, almost to the point of boring, but would make for a good safe Winter stretch. 

This was not a fishing trip per se, though I did pitch an olive marabou some both days.  Caught short smallies, but no trout.  Didn't really see but one or two trout in the first mile or so.

Sure was good to get out and scratch that itch.


IMG_1967 (3).jpg

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37 minutes ago, Al Agnew said:

Unlikely to ever catch a trout in that stretch, except maybe in the winter.  All smallmouth water, too warm for trout in the summer.

My friends stepdad caught a big rainbow (I'd guess 20") below Round Spring about ten years ago. I'm sure it was just a fluke.

I saw the picture proof, and he is not the type that would lie about that kind of thing. Now if it was my friend or his mom, I'd make them send me the picture with GPS coordinates and signed witness testimony. 

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So, I've got some relatively "civilized" folks who want to car camp later this month and do a day  float.  I'm thinking of suggesting Round Spring for camping, and a day float from Pulltite back to camp.  My question is after October 15th do they close all bathrooms other than a pit facility?  Also, do they keep the electricity on the electric sites after October 15th?

Thanks a bunch

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