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Anything new going on up there?

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19 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

I know one thing.....I sure miss the rivers that MT flooded.   The stretch of the Salt from Florida down 6-8 miles (old Joanna bridge) was awesome.  Many good memories from before I was old enough to fish it alone.   

The old boys that ran that river were bad to the bone!  Chuck Norris is a pansy compared to what I remember of those guys.

I wish a could have seen it, what a waste. 

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Here is a pict of the winners bag for our club tourney from this past June. We had not fished there for several years but everyone in club caught fish and its close to St.L so I am guessing we will be back next year. Fishing is definitely tough and more of a spot specific lake but does have some good fish to be had.


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