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It is Fall again so start looking.

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          So while wondering around aimlessly in the woods behind the house yesterday I found some oysters. Went back today and they had doubled in size overnight,


The picked pile,


    Then decided to prowl around another place and found a Berkeley's Polypore. It has grown here for at least three years at the base of an old rather large oak,


Years before when I found it tough and too far gone. Today I sliced off a piece of tender edge and brought it home,


Sliced it up and began to sauté it in some butter. A sweet nutty smell began to envelope the kitchen. Really smelled good,


   Taste test went real well and tasted just like it smelled,


  Went back and cleared the wood and debris. Then cut off what was viable to cook for the Mrs. When she gets home. This Shroom is BilletHead approved and will not pass up another that has tender edges,




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