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What happened to reports ?

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Got out last night.  Went back to Indian Creek/Pine Log area.  I observed a number of fish working on top real close to the boat ramp...and there were still a number of boats on the water causing all sorts of waves, so I hung out right there for a bit to see what kind of fish they were.  They were all spots.  Caught 7 between 12 and 15" on a small spoon.  Fun though.  Those buggers have a chip on their shoulder.  Once the water settled down, I pedaled around the Indian Creek horn, cut across the channel, and started working 20 FOW just east of the Lost Bridge marina.  Just as the sun got below the hills, I started marking Walleye on every point.  I caught a few fat ones on my first pass ENE along the Pine Log area.  Unfortunately, that was about it for quite a while.  I moved out a little deeper maintaining 25-35 FOW and went up and down the same stretch again.  Saw a couple of boats working in what I figured to be 40-60 FOW...so, thinking they knew something I didn't, I made a pass out even deeper.  Nothing.  So, I went exploring and worked around the north horn of the Pine Log area.  Lost 2 expensive lures on some deep structure.  Figuring it just wasn't my night, I went back around the Pine Log horn and trolled in 10-15 FOW back to where I started near Lost Bridge marina.  They just weren't there.  I called it quits and cut back across the channel and trolled 30 FOW off the Indian Creek Rec Area.  Caught a 23" Striper and a 26" Striper within 3 minutes of each other.  Made a couple of loops there but that was it.  Water temp has dropped 1 degree since last weekend, sitting at 73 everywhere I went.  There were other boats up that way fishing last night, was hoping I'd see some others reporting.  I should note that I saw "0" stripers on my screen last night until right at the end...whereas exactly a week ago, I marked quite a few in the same area.  

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Thanks again for your reports. Hoping the stripers start to filter down toward mid lake with the cooler nights coming this week.

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I fished Indian Creek/dam area also sat night -Monday afternoon.  No luck Sat evening pulling bottom bouncers and trolling a bit in 25-35 feet down for 5 hours or so.  Met a couple buddies below the dam and whacked some trout Sunday morning to get a little action after a slow night.  Another buddy came up Sunday evening and we trolled big cranks and umbrellas sunday night and sat morning from 15-40 feet down marking a few but with no takers. 

Tried to bottom bounce crawlers for eyes at dusk Sunday before my buddy got there, but 5 minutes after i got lines wet i was waved down by ski boat that had bad gas.  Spent the next 45 mins at 3/4 throttle going 5 mph towing them back to the Dam ramp with my little 83' 40 hp on my 16ft tin tracker.  Bummer, but most annoying about it was the 30-40 foot cruiser(really the only BIG one i saw all weekend) that passed between me and a striper boat as i was hugging the camp peninsula shore.  Had to turn 90 degrees back into open water to hit big rollers square...nerve wracking for a sec but managed to stay dry and boat stayed in tow. 

My buddy left midday Monday and i went back to BB and picked up a 19 and 20in in the same spot in 15-20 ft of water with much deeper near by.   WT 76ish and pretty nice weekend for fish and fisherman i suppose.

Heading back that way again this weekend, but family is coming so not sure how much fishing i'll get in or whether this weather will change everything again.  I don't post much because i don't get out much, but much thanks to those who do that allow me to live vicariously through your adventures ...and misadventures sometimes:)

See my baby proudly holding daddy's catch.  Hopefully i can get her to sit still long enough for her to get 1 this weekend...or she will just name all the worms for me instead:)

All Take Care,



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