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13 hours ago, Champ188 said:

It's no worry, 176. Donna will tell you that I can pick out just about any birds nest under the sun and if not, I have a few miles of new line in the boat 😀

Yeah, I let him practice on me so when he has a guide trip he can get the customer back to fishing ASAP.  I'm helpful like that.

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Not that I've ever had to pick out a professional overrun......but just for the rest of you.....


I always used to pick it out with my fingers and as you all well know sometimes that can take 5-10-15-30 minutes or just cutting it out. I watched this video probably about 5 years ago and it has helped me immensely. Every now and then you come along something that seriously improves you way of doing things on the water.....this video was one of them for me. Works great, less "kinking" which ultimately leads to weak spots in the line and have yet to do a full "abort mission" and cut out the line and respool.

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