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Jigfest lodging thread

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4 minutes ago, BilletHead said:


  I will be making the trip for the first time and did not know where to go. I googled this up and think it is the place. Someone correct me if I am wrong,




You got it, be a gravel road left right before Buffalo City, They have a sign, if you miss the turn you will end up in downtown..... watch the traffic.  Phone service is limited but they have internet.  

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I'm flying solo now.  FMCBrandon is not gonna be able to make it.  Apologies for the short notice.  I can cover anything to keep us at$80 per person.  Thanks so much for the coordination :)

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I think we've posted our arrival and departure date - We'll come in Thursday night and leave Saturday evening but we'll pay for 3 nights.

Duane and I will be on the river Thursday morning sometime.

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OK, well I have 14 staying now.


Wounded One

Phil and Duane




Terrierman +2

Little Red




$1350 for the total, so we're at about $100 each for 3 nights. 

We have 2 places, which means 2 refridges and stoves, keep that in mind when you are stowing food that is perishable, no need to stuff it all in one fridge. 

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Possible change - regarding the three guys from Tulsa that were going to stay with me, the one I have been talking to is out and has gone silent on the other two so would there be room for me if I want to stay with y'all?  Would be better than staying at home alone.  I'd probably still stay home on Thursday night since I won't get in until after midnight but could show up if people would still be awake.  Or stay at my house Thursday and then just come down Friday night and stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  OR if Sunday isn't open go back to my place.  I am in meetings all day tomorrow and will check in this thread tomorrow evening.

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