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nutritional forage for Bass (and other minnow eating fish)

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Ill be sure and trumpet any and all new regs, and toast a tall cool adult beverage as the carp haters cry

We have a group mirroring what is being done in the UK( see below)...in the USA. I appreciate spirited debate on this issue because it hones our 'pitch" plugs any holes in our argument and any science we need to have done to document these very issues..cool thing is the huge $ potential here in the USA makes it easy to get support...I would love to tip my hand..because I am just itching to flop it out for all the world to see...ATM we have had little quality resistance in the places we have sought change..as we gain momentum that most likely will change...your biggest fear mongering is "they will wreck the environment", CHECK we can counter that..."less carp = more gamefish"...CHECK we have that countered..."no one wants or fishes for them" CHECK def have that one counterd..."carp will never generate any $  "CHECK that one is the easiest counter of them all"

know this... quality common carp fishing and regs that follow will only make your fishing opportunities BETTER..I have yet to find a place that is great for carp, that isn't great for "game fish" all the issues we as outdoorsmen are interested in are the same anywhere..so as you cast a fly...or zip down the lake you may notice some one on the bank fishing perhaps a closer look you will notice the bite alarms and the huge landing nets and realize that euro angler will catch more big fish in a trip than most fishermen will in there life....and that he will release his catch to fish again one day, usually a littler bigger...perhaps I need a day bass fishing (before LMB virus hits again) to remind me how hard commons fight




"The Carp Angling Conservation Group (CACG) has been created to advise the Angling Trust and Government directly on issues concerning carp fishing. It is represented on the Freshwater Specialist Advisory Group, which is part of the Angling Trust, the sport’s primary route to Parliament.

Existing carp organisations, the Carp Society and the British Carp Study Group, have limited political influence and are now unofficially represented on the CACG.

“The presence of the CACG will ensure that important matters of angling politics relating to carp fishing will be commented on directly to the Angling Trust, or to DEFRA,” commented CACG Chairman Tim Paisley."


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Tell ya what MOCarp, the day that serious changes in carp regs go into effect  in Missouri I will provide the cold ones and even make an intentional carp fishing trip.  Haven't done that in a while anyway.  

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