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I sent an email to Trout Unlimited, Membership today:

I sent out an email a few days ago through the TU leadership tool app.  I was announcing a chapter meeting and in the email I put my cell number for anyone who had any questions.

Later that day, I got a call from an unknown number.  The gentleman asked me why Trout Unlimited was spamming him.  He went on to:  Ask what TU was... Why they insist on spamming him over and over after he "unsubscribed" to the previous emails.  He said he saw my number and thought it was worth the long distance a call to find out.  He had a strong British accent.  He said he lives in Northern France.
I explained who I was and what TU was all about.  He told me he didn't eat fish.  He didn't think fishing was right...  abusing wildlife...  I told him what I did, own and operate a family friendly fishing lodge.  He actually thought that was cool, minus the fishing part.
He was kind of huffy at first but I took no offense.  I laughed and said this was an interesting phone call and I was glad he did call.  We talked about traveling a bit... I'd been to Israel and Austria and may be going to Iceland next year.  That was a place he wanted to go someday.
So we parted new friends, and I said I'd look into the email thing.  Then I looked at his address after he emailed me back - it was jerryjester@gmail.com.  I thought - I know a Jerry Jester!!!
Jerry Jester is a guy who lives 40 miles north of me in Springfield and is part of a trout group there.  Iv'e spoke at their meetings several times - he's stayed and fished with us.  So I emailed Jerry Badford back and told him I bet I knew what has happened and explained why.  He thought that was a hoot!  He even wanted to get in contact with Jerry Jester.
I called Jerry Jester and asked him if he was a TU member.  He said yes.  Then I explained what happened.  We laughed.  Pretty crazy.  I've given the gentlemen each other's contact info.  I hope they correspond.

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