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Big Cypress Bayou - Jefferson, TX 10/14 and 10/15

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I was able to carve out 4 days to go take my Dad fishing. He isn't able to go fishing by himself anymore and most of his fishing buddies are in similar situations. 

Big Cypress Bayou below Lake O the Pines is a Cypress tree lined jewel. I freaking love it. If I got to make a trip there in mid to late October/November EVERY year that would be fine by me. Shallow dingy water that has  panfish, catfish, and bass. 

This year I had a special treat. My daughter was able and willing to make the trip down with me. She has always been close with my Dad. It was important to her to spend some time with him.  

We didn't get an early start either day, but we fished more than I expected too both days and caught decent numbers of crappie. 

My numbers were down, but I was playing guide most of the day. I took my trout boat down because it's better for my Dad, but it's harder to control and we a bunch of wind. 

New truck did great. I put over 1000 miles on the trip. At times, I averaged almost 17 miles to the gallon trailering the trout boat. Dang!

My biggest disappointment was failing to catch a Spotted Sunfish. I tried. 


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Ham - Glad to see that you got to have a decent trip with your daughter and dad! Great photos of some nice crappie!

I would have loved to have seen another photo of a spotted sunfish, would have been my second (after the one you sent me from a previous trip :)).

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