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Hey all, 

A few years ago I started a fly tying company to jump in headfirst into the fly fishing industry. In the beginning, I refrained from sharing it on here to avoid clogging up the forum with my pointless pictures of flies. But I realized a few weeks ago that I still had not shared anything, and since I'm running a sale on streamers starting tomorrow, I figured now is as good a time as ever to loop you guys in. You may already know of Oklahoma Fly Company, or OKFlyCo for short, through social medias (Instagram and Facebook) - if not go check out my pages and give me a follow, or you can check out my website and prices at www.weebly.oklahomaflycompany.com. I added a few pictures of some of the recent orders I've had going out. 

Starting tomorrow and going through Saturday, 10/21, I'm running a special on streamers. Buy 5 streamers, get one free! No limit to how many - buy 5, get 1, buy 10, get 2, buy 20, get 4, and so on. For every 5 you buy you get one streamer free! Each set of 6 (5+1) must be the same pattern, but colors are your choice. If you're needing streamers for the Fall/Winter season, don't miss it. I tie on Gamkatsu, Partridge, and Ahrex hooks using the best natural and synthetic products on the market. And if you have any questions on any patterns or tying, feel free to shoot me a message. I owe my abilities to several guys who helped shape my tying, and I would love to be able to pass that along. 




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19 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

Awesome, looks good.   Where can we see the entire line ?   

Link me!  👍

Ignore wrench:blink: he thinks you mean these kinda flys...:lol:......just give you the business wrench.....:P I looked long and hard for a pants fly and carp but to no avail!


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Mistyped the web address... Here's the correct one: https://oklahomaflycompany.weebly.com

And facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OKFlyCo-862832170470301/

And Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/okflyco/

Website is still under some work, and it doesn't work as well on a mobile phone. Consider it a work in progress that doesn't get a ton of attention. 

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2 hours ago, Flysmallie said:

Nice looking stuff. A link would be awesome. 

Not having carp inserted into every f'ing post would be awesome too. 

ROLMAO.........I do post on lots of other subjects......don't get me started on Orachalcum the metal of the Gods, Plato, Graham Hancock and ancient civilizations 

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