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USGS Hydrologist Speaker

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Not sure Im supposed to announce this but it seems like great info for all of us. 

Special Joint Meeting of Twin Lakes Walleye Club & Lake Norfork Striper Club
Guest Speaker is Dr. Reed Green. Dr. Reed Green is a Hydrologist / Adjunct Professor with the USGS. Dr Green specializes in watershed hydrology and reservoir limnology, hydrodynamics and water-quality interactions, nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics.

Reed's current research includes studies involving real-time water-quality monitoring and 2- and 3-dimensional models of hydrodynamics and water quality in lakes and reservoirs.

This is the man that can tell us what is happening to our lakes and what to expect down the road.


Monday Oct. 23, 2017 at 7:00PM
East Side Baptist Church, Hensley Bldg.
718 East 9th Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653


You might have to be a member of one of the clubs... Im just going to work it out when I get there. 

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