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Fishing in the rain with Uncle Brother Dave

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My brother came down for the weekend to chase  turkey, deer and walleye with me. A plan was set that we would try for turkeys in the mornings then change over to walleye then a sit for deer/turkey with crossbows in the evening.  We started Saturday morning off early, launching the boat out of K Dock and headed down stream with shotguns in hopes of a chance at some turkeys. We sat in the woods till about 10 and did not see any. We both had plenty of deer walk up on us though.  Winds got strong but we stuck with the plan and started chasing walleye. Within the first 10 minutes of trolling we had a big one in the boat. We trolled a couple more hours and caught 1 more keeper along with 3 shorts, a couple gar, a short crappie and one of them stinking bass.  Headed back to the woods around 3 for the evening hunt. I had 6 toms skirt me about 80 yards out and Brother Dave had 3 hens come in. He also had a big 8 pointer that he was all giddy about make its presence known.  Pretty fun 1st day of our weekend adventure. The plan this morning was to get up at 4 and hunt turkeys for a bit then back to chasing walleye. My phone decided to update last night and not keep the alarm.....☹️  My wife woke me up at 5 and said, "I though you were going fishing."  I jumped out of bed in full panic.  It was storming at the time , so we checked the weather, decided to forgo the hunt, and start chasing walleye around 7 am.  It was sprinkling just a bit when we launched and not much wind. It took about 45 minutes to catch the first fist and it was a giant walleye. We averaged about 2 keepers an hour with a few close to the boat releases and a short walleye here and there. It started storming bad on us with big gusts of with and white caps. The fish kept biting, so we kept fishing. Finally called it quits around 2 pm. Ended up with 7 keeper walleye (4 of them over 25 inches) 5 short walleye, one short crappie, 3 gar, one stinking bass, and one good sized walleye bumped off the hook with the net. Sure was fun, but we got soaked.  Sitting next to the fire warming my bones now.

We caught all the fish trolling the same way I've been catching them for a couple of weeks now.  Running up and down the edge of the flats where they roll off into the old river channel.  We are using 3 ounce bottom bouncers with a 7 cm flicker shad in tow about 5-7 feet behind the bottom bouncer.  I try to go right around 2 miles per hour up to 2.5 mph.  Caught all the fish in 27-28 feet of water today and had to be bumping the bottom with the bottom bouncer every few seconds.  Had to let quite a bit of line out to be going that fast and hit the bottom in 28 feet of water.













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56 minutes ago, JohnP said:

Nice haul DD.  One of these days I'll figure out how to catch one of them things on purpose ;).

We will have to get together and fish sometime. I'm surprised I have not run into you out there.

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1 hour ago, duckydoty said:

We will have to get together and fish sometime. I'm surprised I have not run into you out there.

Most definately DD.  If you see a 18 foot center console OD green Crestliner being pushed by a 115 Merc pro XS good chance that's me, flag me down or swing on over and tell me what I'm doing wrong ;).

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