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Ruined a good deer hunt for......

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.....a double on yotes!!!!!!

Start off by saying the farmer has recently lost a few newborn calves to coyotes, so it's kind of been a mission.

Hung a new stand last week after seeing not seeing much at the old set and finding some fresh deer sign.  Little windy and wasn't good for the stand as it was at my back but just wanted to see what was moving and get a better idea of their movement.  Got up in the stand at 5:15 and at 5:30 had 4 does being chased by 2 young bucks about 60 yds out into the big field.  At about 6:15 had 2 bucks, one decent 8 and funky knuckle headed buck come running towards and cut out to the creek bottom at 40 yds.  Wasn't 5 minutes later had the young female yote come cruising thru from the direction the bucks came from and was able to kiss her into 30 yds perfect broadside.  Let the Rage fly from the ol Mathews and it hit its mark.  She yelped, rolled twice, and was done.  Her yelp brought the male running in and stopped quartering hard towards me at 32 yrs.  Had just enough time to knock an arrow and let another Rage fly.  Hit it's mark and he hobbled off bitting at the arrow 10 yds and balled up under a cedar.  First for me with a now, not one but 2 totes.  All this while there was still deer in the field 80 yds behind me.



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