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Windy day on Truman

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Had a quick last minute trip today. Fished from 11:45 to 3 and fought the wind the whole time. Weeded through a 150 or so small fish in the 8"-10" range. We were fishing from 2' out to 8' picthing bobbers again up a creek to come up with 30 good ones. Really tested out the new Ultrex trolling motor today. SpotLock and jog feature make it so easy in the wind. Hit spot lock and cast bobbers. Then just hit the button once to move ahead 5 feet or if needed hit it 4 times and moves you ahead 20 feet. Same for left and right. Then you have the freedom to move around the boat instead of leaving your foot on the trolling motor pedal the whole time. Best investment I have made for fishing. 



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Truman is on fire. Even on the lake fishing flats like its summer time. Rigging bite is starting with the shad pushing in to the mouths of the creeks and coves. 

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