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Friday - Campbel Point area

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Fished with my buddy Mike today, wish I could give a report with lots of fish catching, but it was a bit slow.  I did catch 8 smallmouth, 3 of them were right around keeper size, the rest shorts.  All the fish were in one cove on a shelf rock bank with scattered trees.  They liked a 3/8 Nutech jig with a twin tail grub trailer.  They were aggressive, hit hard, no doubt when they grabbed that jig, but it was only on that one stretch of bank.  Fished some other, similar banks with Ned and jig and nothing doing.

Weird day to catch some smallies but not one spot or largemouth.  I think the green dudes are still out deep.  There was some scattered top water activity mid-channel, but hardly worth chasing.

Had a good one come off close to the boat. 

Mike had a tough day, he had one good bite and that was it.  I'll needle him about it next time out, but thought it was a good idea to keep quiet about it on the way home.  :D

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