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Hwy 12 Bridge Area 11/28 - 11/30

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Put in at Hwy 12 Bridge, late afternoon, most of this past week. Topwater bite has truly been amazing for the last hour/hour and a half before dark...around the islands. Pure fun for those that don’t mind sacrificing quantity for size every now and then. What has been really cool is that the schooling by species, comes in waves. On Tuesday, I observed some popping going on around me, threw out a micro-spoon, and started bringing in a mix of LM and spots, literally every cast. Action stopped for a few minutes, then started up again...but this time larger whites. Cooled off a bit, then the small whites/sand bass owned the scene for the rest of the evening. Thursday and Friday evenings, same places, larger whites then smaller walleye. Tons of fish, tons of fun...no wall-hangers...but I was in desperate need of some action so I’ll take it.


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I was around the water intake Saturday and saw a lot of small fish on top and a few stripers swirling. I had four nines out with brooders and the only takers were spots. Not one striper all day. The big fish were around 40 feet and seemed glued there, I think because they were waiting on the moon. Lots of boats out Saturday night and sure they did a lot better.

Running around the lake in December without a coat and gloves is unreal.

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