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   A buddy brought his boat this time. We fished from 10:30-4. Bets bite was from 3-4. Put in at Theodosia and spent the first half hour riding around so he could get the feel for his new rig. Asked if I could run the troller while we fished so he let me take the bow. We started fishing 10-20' on bluffs with TRD on homemade jigs and promptly had  enough Kentuckies for supper.



   Made a move to try and find some largemouth. Power fishing was out of the question because neither of us wanted to work that hard yesterday, so we threw some custom pro football heads.. After trying multiple color combos we believed 100% that these bass were dialed in on a specific type/color craw and it was just one of those strange days when color was a big part of the pattern, and everybody that fishes a jig often has that color in their jig box.  Fished those prime spots we found on the map on gravel banks between Pontiac and Theodosia. Average size was something to be proud of. Bites were in the 10-15 range. All lm were released. Here's the biggest 2 of the bunch.




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