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Blue Cat

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8 hours ago, CoolHandFluke said:

First time Catfishing On LOZ and caught this guy.  Caught off the bank at Tan-terra.  What are some other good areas to catch blues on LOZ?


Pretty much everywhere...near the shad.  They are thick in LOZ...


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Caught this one while crappie fishing in December off a condo dock a few years ago. I was vertical fishing in the slips and was not having much luck and went out to the second to last slip which is about 35 foot deep. Let the little jig go all the way to the bottom and got a solid thump and pulled to set the hook and it didn't move much. Then it took off for deeper water and was ripping off line and I ended up laying on my belly and pushed the little rod I was using all the way into the water to just before the reel went under and basically fought it like that. Took about 20 minutes to get to where I could see it. Then another 10 to get it to the surface and I had to use both hands under it to flip it up onto the dock. It was a little over 10lbs.

Big Blue.JPG

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