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I made a trip to Montauk on Monday, I hadn't been out for a few weeks because my wife and I have been passing a cold back and forth. It was nice to get out again. It started out well with fish being caught on a Zebra Midge, nothing big, a fourteen-inch average. It never warmed up the way I believed the weatherman said it would and there was a good breeze blowing so back to the car and layered up. I must have lost the Mojo somewhere so the bite had died off by the time I got back to the water. I moved around some looking for active fish. Finally found some after lunch and caught a few more on a Mop Fly. Again just average fish. Struggled the rest of the day and only caught a couple more until the last part of the afternoon before the siren. I tied on a Wooley Bugger and on the second cast it got hammered. I thought I had the big one but he turned out to be a fifteen-inch trout. I caught four more before the siren blew. I really shouldn't complain I caught a fair number of trout but they came in spurts, not spread out. Our streams really could use some water. They are so clear that you can make out the bottoms on even the deep holes. A little rain could really turn on the fish I see swimming around in those waters.



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