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Renegade Muzzleloader Load

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What kind is it? I have a stout little Renegade. could never get the buffalo ball to shoot consistently.

And the smell of the Black powder and steam would send everyone out of the house when cleaning it!


N9b0w, I am assuming by buffalo ball you are referring to the all lead Buffalo conical bullet.  They would never shoot well for me.  The Hornady Great Plains or the T/C Conical shoot better for me.  I am sure you have tried different powder charges, my 50 Hawken is good with 90 grains, my 54 unfortunately likes 110 which is brutal behind a 425 grain bullet.  I enjoy the traditional guns.  Do not sell it unless you give me a shot at it.  

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Got a 54Cal. use Patch and Ball 90-100Gr. Pyrodex RS killed many Deer.


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