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What ramps are open with lake low?

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what ramps are open right now due to the low water? I know Ruark and Cedar ridge, but I am just starting to learn this lake. I've grown up on Pomme and Truman and Stockton is a different beast for sure. Lot less timber, deeper water, a lot more wind, and crappie fishing seems harder to get figured out. On Pomme (the lake I fish most) there may only be a couple days out of the year I go and don't catch my limit. I fished Stockton a few times over the summer between tournaments and had 3 or 4 awesome trips then like a light switch flipped the fish were just gone! Now that tournament season is done for a while I figured I could spend this winter learning this beautiful lake a little better even though they are still on fire on Pomme right now. I see a lot of reports right now of people fishing brush in the 40 ft range, but when I went to cedar ridge friday after work for a couple hours I couldn't find any conservation piles that deep close to the ramp. Only had a couple hours to fish and it was cold! Ended up with 4 keepers and a 17" bass caught around 15 crappie total. They were slow. Each pile I fished on a ledge had a fish or two on it, but no schools to speak of. I think if I had all day I could have caught a limit maybe but with a partner we wouldn't have been able to get 30. I tried fishing a couple piles on more of a flat and there wasn't anything on those at all. Any advice (not looking for specific spots) would be great, but knowing what ramps are open when the lake is down is my biggest question. Also, any of the ramps not very steep on Stockton still open? My brother wants to drag his boat to Stockton as well, but he doesn't put in at steep ramps....big heavy boat with a little toy truck. TIA

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