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8 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

I was a range rat for years solely to improve my game so I'm with you there.  I've lost interest in the game and only played twice in 2 years and that was for work or I wouldn't have played those.  5 years ago I would card 120 rounds per year.  Slow play slowly wore me down.  Really the last straw was boom boxes on golf carts.  I played a work deal and the customer's girl friend blasted auto tune music the whole time.  I could have beat that radio to death with a 9 iron by the end of the day.  

So I too my ball home and quit.:lol:

Well Pete, I guess we can hang out at Top golf now. It’s halfway between you an me. I guess GreasyB can join us!

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8 hours ago, vernon said:

Sorry to see you leave the game but good for you for sticking up for you principles.

As Clint so eloquently stated, "A man has to know his limitations."

I'd love to see you come back but if those are the things that drove you away in the first place, forget it.  It gets worse and worse every year.

It's more like going to the carnival these days than going to the golf course.

"Growing the game" and all that sorta crap.

The problem is, most of the "new" players that they're trying to attract bring about as much to the game of golf that illegal immigration brings to the economy.

Man, it's cold outside..............


Man, you couldn't have said one word of that any better. Amen and amen. 

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