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OA One Bass tournament March 10, 2018 Eagle Rock

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M&M is getting the permits, should have them soon.

$10 voluntary donation, proceeds to go to CAM (Christian Action Ministries)

Here are the rules, such as they are.

Feel free to bring food.  We had a pretty good spread last year.

 March 10, 2018, Eagle Rock COE Ramp, 0630 start time, Tournaments ends at 1430.

Must be a registered OA member to participate.

Big bass format, largest weight wins. Any black bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass, Meanmouth) are eligible, but only one bass will qualify as the biggest.

Trophy will be awarded to the winner (and just think of the bragging rights you will have on the forum). Immense prestige will accrue to the winner of this tournament.

You can fish multiple people out of a boat, but the trophy will go to the individual that weighs in the biggest bass.

You can trailer to another Table Rock launch if you prefer.

Typical bass tourney rules apply - No bait, no trolling, and no A-rig or multi-arm lures.

No promises on what will be there as far as food, but last year things came together and we had a pretty good spread.  I recommend you bring your own drinks.

Always a chance that weather could be bad in March, if it is looking bad enough to make travel treacherous then we will have to reschedule. We'll notify everyone a day or two in advance it if look like bad weather.

Past winners

2015 - Kbilb

2016 - Little Jasper

2017 - Carl W

2018 - Your moniker here?


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