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47 minutes ago, TrophyFishR said:

This is my go-to walleye jig. It’s a 1/4oz Bite Me hunter jig. 

I don’t have any bucktail at the moment, so it’s strictly zonkers. 


Oh hell yeah....very nice. Bucktail doesn't have the movement that will. I really don't use Buck at all...Rabbit, Arctc fox and Bear is the best movement...if you are worried about fall rate Buck can be useful

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For other options I would give craft hair a try. I think the fibers get stuck in their teeth making it hard for them to spit out.  I get most of mine from Punisher lures or Feathercraft. Usually tie a little flash down the sides for more attraction. Here's some of my bunny jigs as well.IMG_5389.JPGIMG_5530.JPGIMG_5479.JPGIMG_5422.JPG

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On 1/8/2018 at 2:21 PM, Smalliebigs said:

I tie almost exclusively Rabbit  and occasionally Bear. Mitch is right it can be a pain in the butt. The right fur is a must but, they do work no doubt. I also tie some Rabbit, Maribo and synthetic hair jigs that I copied from a guy online....they work pretty good also.

I also just the other day tied some Rabbit and Buck and some hair and feathers for the trout parks.

My basement is currently devoted to jig tying and tackle storage  right now :)





Those are some great looking jigs man!

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