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Tin boats tournament schedule ?

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Thanks Andy,

 Yes it will be the same as last year, as long as the regatta permits come back ok. I will post schedule when i get the approved permits back. 

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3-31-18 Table Rock Cape Fair 7:30-3:30
4-28-18 Stockton Ruark West 7-3
5-26-18 Pomme Bolivar Landing 6:30-2:30
6-30-18 Table Rock Aunts Creek 6-2
7-28-18 Stockton Ruark West 6-2
8-25-18 Taneycomo Rockaway Beach 6-2
9-29-19 Table Rock Cape Fair 6:30-2:30
10-27-18 Stockton Ruark West 7-3
11-24-18 Pomme Bolivar Landing 7:30-3:30.  BBQ after last event. Will post soon so you can pass along until then.
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