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Yep. It looks like Fozzype guessed the closest and will receive 3 baits for that fine estimate. I believe that the season is indeed over but the the fantasy page is showing an 11th event. Not exactly sure what is going on. If it is indeed over then I will get out lists out where baits go. If there is one more even we will then finish out the year. Stay tuned. 

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5 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

I bet it is showing 11 because that one event was cancelled

Very well could be. Will wait to confirm just to make sure there is no other fantasy tournament event left. I finished in 9th place.....Bubble Boy! Doh!

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I was all over the board this season. At one point I think I was ranked as high a #2 or 3, then dropped down to around 15th and then back up to finish at #6. What a roller coaster! Last year was much more consistent for me where as this year I had two really high scoring tournaments to help out with a bunch that were pee poor!

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Alright guys. The season has indeed concluded and congrats to our winners. Below is the list of members and who owes who.  Send whatever you are comfortable sending and please try to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Please don't wait MONTHS to send them. Baits between $5-10 is the norm. Please PM the person that you are sending a bait to and get their address. Let me know if anyone has questions or problems and thanks again for participating in another fun year of fantasy fishing.

1 swelbo1  -  S. Welborn 9 baits
Senders to swelbo1:
SplitG2  -  D. Young
Royal Blue  -  P. Baum
Lvn2fish  -  C. Spinks
goose919  -  G. Anderson
Cheesemaster  -  C. Hunt
rogueagent  -  T. Enke
Ketchup  -  J. Leads
TRRanger  -  T. Reaka
aarchdale  -  A. Archdale

2 fozzype  -  B. Foster 6 baits + 3 AOY Close Guess Winner = 9 Baits
Senders to Fozzype:
abkeenan  -  B. Keenan
Targa98  -  N. Hass
kansasskeeter  -  A. Roberts
176champion  -  B. Phillips
crazy4fishin  -  B. Turner
Nomolites  -  M. OToole
wmander  -  W. Andersen

3 dwiebenga  -  D. Wiebenga  5 baits
Senders to dwiebenga:
Quillback  -  J. Rhodes
supremeJCK  -  J. Keenan
Bassmaster1  -  J. johnson
AaronPorter  -  A. Porter

4 Falcon215  -  C. Thomas  3 Baits
Senders to Falcon215:
basfis  -  D. Reader
Slothman  -  R. Lewis

5 Champ 188  -  J. Gilzow  2 Baits
Senders to Champ188:
moguy1973  -  J. Horrom

6 SethOAF  -  S. Turner 2 Baits
Senders to SethOAF:
likinmo  -  G. Littrell

7 SoreThumbs  -  J. Mitchell 1 Bait
Sender to SoreThumbs:

8 aarchdale  -  A. Archdale 1 Bait
Sender to aarchdale:


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