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Fishing this weekend

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A buddy of mine is coming up from TX for some fly fishing on L/T. We are planning on doing some night fishing on Saturday since it will be a full moon. Has there been any pattern to the generators what time on and off?

Also what pattern has been working best at night? I havent been out at night since early OCT.

Thanks for any help.

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As a rule (I hate to say that) they don't generate on weekends. The fact that the weather forecast is warm and the TR power pool very low, you are probably safe in assuming they won't run the generators.

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Hey tippet

Wish I could jion you guys this weekend... but momma is not going to let me..

But heres a few tips for you..

If the moon is full and bright.. use black, olive or purple woolies.. 2in long max... maybe even some sculpins..

If the moon is full (but over cast or cloudy)and a slight breeze.. go with the lighter colors.. white or gray..

the best 2 spots for night fishing is between the cable to about half way down to chute 2.. careful.. there are some really big rock in the area..

next hot spot for nights is between the rebar and the big hole... but I have been having fair luck just below chute2 in the middle.. wacth out.. there is a slight drop in that area.. striaght down from where the chute flows in the water

Hope this helps.. if you need more info call me... 417-779-8061..

Good luck to you and your buddies!!!


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