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The Fresh Start Thread

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35 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

My coffee maker shot craps this morning.

I improvised IMG_20180112_131501006~2.jpg


Who can find the salt&pepper shakers ?

It appears you have a very understanding wife. Which is what I would have expected..

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Me and my daughter wade fishing for the first time.....sorry about the gut as I was pretty fat this Summer, another good thing is that was 22lbs ago :)

She is a girly girl, so these were baby steps for her as I try to ease her into fishing.




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The first Picture was taken by a former coworker who traveled to Thailand, Monks and Balloons.

Monks and Balloons.jpg


This picture was taken with my phone, Shirley Basin Wyoming, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen that wasn't a river.


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