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here is a few pics from a while back me and my brother with a few bunnies,

a buddy and a brown he caught plugging for walleyes,

me with a nice blue from below Truman dam, 

a Brit here fishing Stockton for carp and we passed a driveway with a few flatties heads on fence posts, same place had paddle fish heads early during snagging season...for some reason he was fascinated by it....thought we had wels catfish





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1 hour ago, ness said:

Well, this has got me going through old pics. No such thing as off topic in this thread. 

Came across this one, which may be interesting to some. Found this in some chalk bluffs in Trego County, KS.

Shark's tooth, as found, Trego County, Kansas.

Found some of those shark's teeth on the Maryland shore once.  Same thing, they erode out of some bluffs on the shore.  

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